Setting up OpenMRS development environment

I have run OpenMRS in a couple of machines in Linux as well as in Windows over the past month. Today I set it up in my desktop machine which I am planning to use these days. I have Kubuntu 8.04 with MySQL server 5.0, JDK 1.6, Apache Ant 1.7 and Apache Tomcat 6.

Checked out the source from

Added Tomcat user account with the manager role: <user username=”openmrs” password=”openmrs” roles=”admin,manager,tomcat”/>

Started Tomcat server.

Logged in to MySQL server as root.

Ran the SQL scripts, 1.3.0-createdb-from-scratch-with-demo-data.sql and update-to-latest-db.mysqldiff.sql, in that order.

Created the MySQL user account openmrs:

create user openmrs@localhost identified by ‘openmrs’; set password for openmrs@localhost=PASSWORD(‘openmrs’);
grant ALL on openmrs.* to openmrs;

Created the .OpenMRS directory in the home directory and created the build and runtime properties files with the following contents.
### name of generated war file
webapp.description=Open-Source EMR for Developing Countries

###Properties for running unit tests with tomcat###
### Database connection properties

Ran ant install in OpenMRS project directory.

That’s it. http://localhost:8080/openmrs/ (admin/test)

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