Web interface of the tribe module

Tonight I assembled the tribe module and got it working. So far I have just extracted the code but did not try to run it.  Tribe add, update and retire features are working okay. So far the tribe objects are working separately from the core OpenMRS system. The tribe module can create and update the tribe objects but the tribe objects have no interaction with the rest of the system.

Now what I have to do is transform the tribe object to a person attribute compatible object. I am using the existing Location object as the reference for the implementation. But tribe object is an entity that resides in an external module, while location is an object which exist inside the core OpenMRS system.  I could not find person attribute which exist in a module. Person attributes are objects attached to a person object. By the way the patient and the user objects are derived classes of the person class. To make the tribe object a person attribute compatible object I have to implement the Attributable interface as the first step.

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